All Other Things Mash

FaceMash exists for the sole purpose of bringing joy, fun, mirth and laughter to those that interact with it.

It allows users to ‘mash’ or combine photos of thier own face and those of their mates with those of the crazed
faces of the resident cast of FaceMash.

MASHING IS AS EASY AS ... 1 ... 2 ... 3

1. Take a photo of your self of a friend, or get one from your photo library and bring it into FaceMash.

2. Let FaceMash magically chop it into three mashable parts in an instant.

3. Start Mashing!

Flipping one of the sections to the left or right brings in the same face part from the next face in
the library, whilst shaking randomly replaces all the face parts.

It’s that easy. Hours of creative and stupid fun that will equally appeal to those between 3 and 103.

When a suitably twisted outcome has been arrived at - i.e. the facial combination occasioning the greatest
spontaneous laughter - the FaceMasher has the option of saving their creation in their own Mash Gallery on
their iPhone, uploading it to FaceBook or Twitter, or sharing it in all it’s gruesome glory right here on FaceMash Freaks.

FaceMash is a global phenomenon that is happening on a phone near you.

Watch out as no one is safe!


If you need to contact us for any reason regarding the FaceMash application or the FaceMash Freaks website, please send us an email at:

If you would like to comment on the FaceMash application or the FaceMash Freaks website, please send us an email at: or


Any photos or images, or part thereof, uploaded to the facemash freaks website must not infringe the copyright
Of any persons living or dead.

The likeness of any mash portrait, displayed on the facemash freaks website, to any person, living or dead, is entirely co-incidental and frankly a little wierd!

If you are of the firm opinion that you do look like someone on the Facemash Freaks website, we suggest you immediately do one of the following:

a) visit your doctor and have your head examined,

b) hire a reputable plastic surgeon to have your face examined, or

c) buy a large brown paper bag and place it over your head whenever you go out!

No humans were harmed during the making of this application, however, there was a fair bit of explaining to do
The next morning!


We would like to thank the cast of sick individuals who merrily contorted their faces into the weird and wonderful expressions we sadly captured as our resident cast of creeps, ghouls, dweebs and weirdos for this application.

While many came gladly and willingly in person to the Temple of Mash, others were sourced in their absence from the wonderful world of Flikr Creative Commons. We thank you all greatly for your unintended help in messing with the heads of ordinary individuals.

Click here to see who they are and for us to attribute credit for their fine work.



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